COVID 19 clinic re-opens May 20th 2020

Please be advised that Health Canada BC and the College of Physical Therapists of B.C. have permitted the reopening of Physiotherapy clinics this week with specific guidelines to follow in order to continue to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus. It is of upmost importance that you do not make an appointment for treatment or show up if you are experiencing any of the common symptoms..fever , cough or breathing difficulties or know that you have had exposure to the virus. If you are unsure it is advised to get tested. When you phone for an appointment I am obligated to ask you questions pertaining to exposure. If you are cleared you can come to the clinic for treatment. Upon entrance you must wear a mask and if you do not have one it shall be provided. Hand sanitization will occur immediately for both patient an therapist and as often as deemed necessary throughout the treatment session and also before leaving the clinic.

It is advised that if you must have a companion e.g a driver then that person must wait outside at all times. I will only treat one person at a time . During that time the clinic door will be locked to avoid any casual entry of other people. When your treatment is completed there will be a 15 minute interval before the arrival of the next patient. The examination and treatment space and equipment along with all areas commonly touched have been identified and will be sanitized before and after each patient as well as the bathroom. Safety signage is posted on the entrance door and in the bathroom.

Other Instructions for attending for treatment include:

1. Bring your own suitable clothing e.g shorts and indoor footwear, water bottle , mask.

2. When you arrive at the entrance door it will be locked so either phone to say that you have arrived or ring the bell.

3. You will be escorted to the designated treatment area.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these new guidelines and should you have any concerns please contact me at 250 345 0094.


Loretto Keenan MCPA, MCPTBC CAFCI (owner of Fairmont Sports Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic)