Physiotherapy Month – A Story of Physio

May is physiotherapy month!  In honour of the recognition, here is the story of one young man’s rehabilitation.



Physiotherapy is important for the rehabilitation of any injury.

I am a golf professional at Windermere Valley Golf Course and broke my wrist snowboarding at the beginning of the golf season. My wrist is very important for both my work and hobbies. I missed two months of the golf season and just started playing again a few days ago, I definitely believe without the proper rehabilitation this process would have taken longer.

After having the cast removed six weeks after the break I left the hospital with a few methods to rehab my injury but no real knowledge of the mechanics of the healing process. With my wrist being so important to me I sought help with the rehabilitation process through Loretto Keenan, a registered physiotherapist and acupuncturist located in Fairmont.

The first week that I saw her was 48 hours after having my cast off, at this point I was still quite timid with the injury and wasn’t sure how much it should be used. Throughout the session we worked on the injured area with massages, heat and stretches. After we were done I not only knew how to properly care for my wrist but also how to care for the numerous other things that were affected by the break.

Walking out the door I knew what my wrist was capable of and I felt much more comfortable with the overall situation. Over the four weeks we met she progressed her techniques at the perfect speed for my wrist and I always felt like I was on the right track. I not only learned things from Loretto that will help with this injury but also any injury I have in the future.

My injury was quite severe but even the smallest injuries can have long term effect if not tended to properly. I believe that it is important for anyone with an injury to seek professional help, you will have a better understanding of your injury and how to properly rehab it.

~Michael Midyette